What is Casting Fantasy?
Casting Fantasy is a social platform where users can create and share content related to entertainment interests from different genres including sports, television, film, anime, manga, comic books and special interests. Currently the types of content that can be created are lists, polls and match-ups.
What if I forgot my password or username?
Passwords or usernames can be retrieved by clicking on "Forgot?" on the login pop-up and following instructions.
What is Casting Fantasy's privacy policy?
Information on our privacy policy can be found here. As a rule of general principle, we value or subscriber's privacy and do not provide account holder information to third party groups.
How do I terminate my account?
Message us here by selecting "Customer Service" in the drop down under under "Purpose" for assistance with this.
How do I customize my profile?
Customization of your profile can be achieved by logging in to Casting Fantasy, going to the profile tab, and clicking on "Edit Profile".
What are fantasies?
Fantasies are user- created content on the site which includes lists, polls, and match-ups.
How do I create fantasies?
Fantasies are created by clicking on the "Create a Casting Fantasy Now" button, selecting the template you wish to use, completing the template, and then publishing or saving it as a draft. The fantasy will be posted to your profile and will be made viewable to others on the site unless the "Private" option is selected when completing template.
How do I connect with other people on the site?
You can connect with other people on the site by selecting "View Profile" when on their fantasy page and then clicking on "Follow Me." When they create fantasies you will receive a message notification and email.
What is a follower?
A follower is another subscriber who has clicked on the "Follow Me" button on your profile. This individual is notified every time you create a fantasy.
How do I report abuse?
When viewing a posted comment on a fantasy page, click on the "Report Abuse" button on the top right of the comment.
How do I find other subscribers on the site?
You can find other subscribers by putting in their username in the "Search" field and clicking on the "Search" button.
How do I invite my friends to the site?
At this time we are currently in private beta and have not implemented the social widgets to invite friends to the site. These features will be offered after we move from private beta.
How can I find created fantasy content?
You can find fantasy content by browsing the categories section under the "Browse" tab or by entering a search term on the Home Page.
How long will the fantasies stay on the site?
Fantasies on the site are saved indefinitely or until the subscriber deletes them or terminates their account.
Who has control over posted comments on fantasy pages?
Casting Fantasy displays the fantasy choices belonging to the subscriber that created them; we provide subscribers control of the comments posted on their fantasies. Our goal is to maintain a positive online community and request that subscribers assist us with this process by removing or reporting inappropriate comment posts that violate our "Terms of Use." We reserve the right to remove posts that violate our "Terms of Use" when the subscriber who owns the fantasy fails to do so.
How can I prevent someone from following me?
At this time there is no way to prevent a particular subscriber from following you. You can however turn off the following feature by logging in, going to the profile tab, clicking on "Edit Profile," and unchecking "Follows Me" under "Notify me when someone" section.
How does the site make money?
Currently revenue on the site is earned through affiliate advertising content. The site utilizes the services of Skimlinks and Google AdWords to direct site visitors to merchandise from affiliates that are relevant to the created fantasy or may be of interest to them.