• Casting Call: Dark Knight Villains

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      List of potential villains and actors to play them if Christopher Nolan were to continue his Dark Knight universe.
      - Villain History
      Out of all the comic book superheroes, Batman has the most extensive rogue gallery of villains to pick from that can be translated to the big screen.
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    Penguin : Penguin is a well-known adversary of Batman, second only to the Joker. He has been featured as a character in Tim Burton's films but more as a Meta-Human. For the Nolan films he would need a more real...
    Paul Giamatti : I picked Paul over the fan favorite of Philip Seymour Hoffman because I feel he is just as capable of playing the role. He provided an example of how much of a convincing bad guy he can play in "Shoot...
    Killer Croc : Killer Croc is a secondary villain in the Dark Knight's adversary roster, but I chose him because he was featured in the pre-Dark knight anime "Batman: Gotham Knight."
    Vinnie Jones : I chose Vinnie Jones to play Killer Croc because of the way he looked as the character "Scales" in the short lived TV series "The Cape." In Nolan's universe I can see his character as a henchman for h...
    Poison Ivy : Poison Ivy was attempted in Joel Schumacher's Batman movies with disastrous results. I think the character can be redeemed in the Nolan-verse similar to what he is doing with Bane.
    Rebecca Mader : Rebecca is most known for her role on Lost, but post-Lost she has played a number of sultry, dangerous characters. Instead of having the power to control plants, she can be a Botanist who works for th...