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      Potential characters to add to the Avengers movie sequel.
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    Wasp : Even though the Avengers movie was well made, one of the complaints was that there was only one female superhero character. Most likely another female character will be introduced in the sequel. Besides Wanda (who probably won’t be used do to ownership of mutant characters by Fox), the other good choice is the Wasp. She could probably be introduced as a supporting character in the Ant-Man mov...
    Vision : Agent Coulson’s death (per request of Marvel to Joss Whedon) open up speculation that he will become the Vision. This makes logical sense since Coulson is a popular character in the movie and it would be a way to indirectly keep the character. In addition, Caulson’s demeanor fits very well with what the Vision is like. Most likely if they introduce the character however, there will not be any...
    Ant-Man : Ant-Man’s movie has been in development limbo for quite a while. With the success of the Avengers, these provides an opportunity move forward and have the character in his own movie as part of a setup to the Avenger’s sequel. It is also an opportunity to introduce the Wasp and build on that character like they did with Black Widow in Iron Man’s movie. Currently Edgar Wright is tapped by Ma...
    Black Panther : This is another character that has also been in movie development limbo. There have been rumors that the Hudlin Brothers will direct, which makes sense since they did the short lived Black Panther cartoon. Possible suggested actors to play him have ranged from Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Djimon Hounsou (voiced Black Panther cartoon), and Chiwetel Ejiofor. If the character does not get his own mov...