• Matilda: The Professional

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    • Description
      Fantasy follow-up to Leon: The Professional movie.
      - Why a second movie?
      The first movie has always been a favorite of mine. I thought it would be interesting if there were a follow-up where Matilda had become an assassin and she met someone who reminded her of Leon, and h...
      - Plot
      Matilda works for a notorious drug cartel and is given a mission to assassinate a public citizen who has started a drive to clean up his neighborhood. In the middle of assassinating him, she sees a fl...
  • Comments
    Natalie Portman : Natalie Portman was great in her role as a young Matilda. As a grown up actress it would be interesting to have her do a follow-up to a movie that started her career off.
    Brian Cox : For the activist who becomes a father figure/ mentor I chose Brian Cox for his acting credentials and abilities. He has played both well liked and despised characters so he has a broad range that should compliment Natalie Portman's character.
    Michael Shannon : I chose Michael Shannon to play the drug kingpin who hires Matilda and takes a contact out on Brian Cox's character. Michael plays cold heartless characters well. In particular, I like his performance as the government agent in "Boardwalk Empire" and look forward to him as Zod in the upcoming Superman movie ("Man of Steel").