• Most Annoying Female TV Characters

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      List of female characters that fans love to hate.
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    Lori Grimes : Lori is the wife of Rick Grimes and in a group of zombie holocaust survivors. She was in a love triangle between Rick and his best friend Shane. She has also been a source of tension between the two and manipulated both to end the life of the other.
    Sansa Stark : Sansa is a character in Game of Thrones. More well known as Sansa "I Love Joffrey" Stark by fans of the show. She is eldest daughter of the deceased Eddard Stark. She was pledged to be the queen and wife of Joffrey Baratheon. Joffrey is very sadistic and had her father executed for dissension about Joffrey's right to the crown. Joffrey takes this out on her through humiliation and degradation. De...
    Kate Austen : Kate is a survivor of Oceanic flight in the series Lost. She is a love interest for both the main character Jack Sheppard and James "Sawyer" Ford. Kate suffers from an inability to be a team player at times which has allowed her to be taken hostage by hostile fractions on the island hence compromising the defense strategies by the survivors.