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    Posted by PrincessofPink

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      The small annoyances of life that drive me insane!
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    Oh sheet!!! : No paper??? REALLY????? Did you think this would be a pleasant surprise? The bathroom, the copier machine, the printer, it doesn't matter-if there is no paper, fill it!!!
    Tailgaters : The view from my rear window every morning during my commute is a truck insignia. Buddy, if 75 in the slow lane is too slow for you then PASS ME!
    Men that wear skinny jeans or short shorts : ohhh so much to say here, so little time....
    Speed bumps : They don't slow me much, just rattle my bones.
    Potholes : Pothole or sink hole? When it's filled with water one never knows until crossing the abyss.
    The perfect solution to the last two pet peeves : A sticker that appears to be a pothole-genius!