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      Who should play Luke Cage in the Marvel Comics movie?
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      - Background
      Luke Cage is a Marvel character that was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit and given an experimental treatment for immunity to illnesses that ended up giving him dense skin, super-strength, and...
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    Idris Elba : Well known for his roles in the Wire, Luther, and numerous other Hollywood movies. He has the acting chops to take on any character.
    Isaiah Mustafa : Well known from the Old Spice commercials. He is also a big comic book fan and has openly rallied for the role. He even created a mock movie clip.
    Jamie Foxx : Talented actor/singer with numerous awards. Versatile acting ability.
    Quinton : UFC fighter known for his fighting and comedic abilities. To date has only starred in one movie, the A-Team remake.
    Terry Crews : Former NFL player and current action movie actor/comedian.
    Michael Jai White : Known for his roles in Spawn, Universal Soldier, and Black Dynamite. In additon to being a versatile actor, he has an extensive martial arts background which he utilizes in many of his movies. Fan favorite to play Blade as well.